Surfing the event horizon…

After playing EvE Online for over 2 years, having seen 3 major winter patches, enjoyed the advent of T3, having flown in 2 alliance tournaments, being frustrated at the 5 minute timer on the forums and reading the excellence that is the EvE blogging community, I have decided to ruin it all by throwing my .02 ISK into the solar wind and seeing how big of a whole they make in the side of some station or ship.

With the upcoming Dominion expansion, and the awesome EvE community blogs, I thought I should have my own voice echoing through the galaxy of New Eden....

I have been planning on doing this for some time, and am now following through on that plan. I will be posting several posting in quick succession as there are some things I want to cover, both past and present.

So hold onto to your warp cores and enjoy the ride as we visit many Event Horizons




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