Epic day of pew pew…. or trying to make the drake sound exciting…

Today was one of these days where you can’t help but be satisfied.

The day started with my industry alt finishing 2 drakes. I grabbed both and corp insured them because one was for a corp mate who never saw it.

After bastard fitting my drake because the mods weren’t for sale in our crappy NPC station, i sent my alt to get some mods while I warped to BMNV. Upon arriving I found a few pilots playing station games. One of them was Zeconian in a Deimos. After a few dock/undock sessions I left him with 5% structure and he never undocked again while I was in system.

Next, I offered Slipy Dip a 1v1. He accepted and do to faulty timing on my part, won.

Not a promising start.

A member of (Unaffiliated) told me to come back with a ship if I wanted more action, so I fitted the second drake previously mentioned, and returned to BMNV.

Uofis agreed on 1v1 and warped to planet 1 at 0. His hurricane did really good damage against my drake, but in the end succumbed.

We congratulated each other and went our separate ways. He was really pleased that someone honored a 1v1, and I must say I was glad to see it honored as well.

Next, I found Nikita33 in an ishtar plexng in X-M2LR, and after getting a warp in, proceeded to beat the crap out of his shield tank. As he entered structure, my launchers stopped firing and the ishtar warped off. I freaked out and assumed my scram wasn’t active.

Over the next hour, I played many station games with Slipy Dip, another drake pilot Mini Paj (btw don’t bother he has a massive tank and doesn’t engage, the worst of the drake pilot breed), and a few others. At one point, I had Nikita33’s station drake scrammed, webbed and in structure when she warped again. WTF?!?!? Stabs on a drake? Makes me cry…

Anyway, after much warping around and checking surrounding systems, I catch the ishtar back in a plex, scram it, BUMP it, and kill it. 3 count them 3 stabs. Talk about fail…

Somewhere along the way, Razzor Death asked me to pod him back to the vat. I agreed.

A little while later I got the shakes as I warped into a bubble, on purpose, because a lachesis was camping it 2km off the sucker spot. Scrammed, webbed and popped, after a quick missile change out. I feel kinda bad because the other guy in local laughed at him for losing to a drake.

Shortly after, I almost tackled a vagabond, but prudence won out as I found he had a fleet of 2 drakes, rapier and incurses with him. We played station games because they thought I was going to engage.

A short AFK later I undocked to find a hulk. Mining. Solo. WTF? pop.

Warped to the over-bubbled Orvolle gate in PF- where a pod was waiting

At this point, Viicky Yvette joins me and we snag a viator + pod on a gate after roam everywhere looking for targets.

A few short moments later, a dominix jumps in and trys to cloak. a HICtor bubble, one scram and 2 webs later, dead domi + pilot.

On our way back, we ran into Eradication Alliance. They were roaming with a vaga, gila, basilisk, and 2 ceptors. Station game here station game there, dead vaga and the bassy docks with 5% structure.

I then warp to a snipe on the Orvolle gate and get tackled by a sabre and malediction (the 2 ceptors with the vaga and friends). After killing the sabre, and working on the armor or the malediction a kitsune warps in. Luckily, I get my drones on the kitsune before I am jammed. Kitsune has to warp out, while I’m looting the sabre, but his bubble is still up and I kill his pod before warping to safety, allowed to go by the malediction who doesn’t want any of my drake. The shame…

An hour later, Agony has left and I am still camping the Orvolle gate with Kanagawa when a vulture pilot decides to jump in and out testing our tanks. No propulsion mod and 1 extra web later ( with a lil’ help from a neut absolution) down goes a vulture.

The absolution then begins to test our tanks and we deagress. After jumping in and out and the absolution jumping in a guardian pilot when he hits structure, I lose my 2nd drake. At this point people begin to login and we formulate a plan to get this absolution. (Anyone who knows us knows this plan consisted of “GET TO PF- NOW! Abso aggressed on gate”).

I reship and jump back in to get aggro. Now keep in mind it has been about 50 minutes since the vulture died and this guy still has faith in his tank. He aggro’s. I overload. He dies.

At this point I warp my drake back to the snipe and get tackled by a rifter. ‘Nuff said. Actually, honorable mention to celdorash for the pod.

Exequror warps to bubbles.

Not really a gate camping group (we have short attention spans), we roam out to 6-C/Reblier. Along the way we have John Sparta jump into us, get aggro’d, burn away……. then log/disco! The result is sad for John because we had a prober wth us. Claw / Pod.

A quick trip around the low-sec loop to Orvolle chasing ghost and it is time to call it a day.

Here is the tally:
Viator + Pod
Dominix + Pod
Sabre + Pod
Claw + Pod
Estimated Damages not counting pods/impants: 1.33 bil ISK

Estimates 136 mil – 42 mil insurance = 94 mil ISK lost today.

And those are numbers you can’t argue with. Today was a great day for pew pew..

Thanks to all the guys who helped out and brought aid when needed.

As a side note: If you get the chance, engage Eradication. I saw so much fail from them it is retarded. They saw we had a falcon, engaged lost a vaga. Later they tried to kill me with a sabre, malediction, kitsune and an abbadon that was late to the party. Later still, they warp the abbadon to an Agony drake with 15 more Agony 1 gate flash and a 200km warp away. Abbadon down. And yet later still, after helping, unasked, to kill a vulture, their absolution, with a gate-hoping guardian for support, finally dies after we warp in a falcon with only 1 Amarr jammer. Engage them on sight!


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  1. Nice work tweak!

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