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New test

Posted in Uncategorized on May 26, 2015 by Jupacha - Important Internet Spaceship League

New test


Instant billionaire…

Posted in Uncategorized on August 31, 2010 by Jupacha - Important Internet Spaceship League

Lot of blog posts about corp theft lately. How to protect and how to do it. Corp theft is something I have contemplated for a long time and never really had the time to try and pull it off.

Until Today…. or 2 days ago as it were.

I was joining another corp in the alliance trying to help consolidate and I happened to be flying in Jita when I see a corp spamming local asking for new recruits. Having already dropped roles and having nothing to do I convo’d the spammer and started asking questions. After a few peliminary questions I was invited to the public channel to meet the CEO. During this time I noticed several other new recruits asking questions. At one point a new recruit offered his API key but was turned down, told it “wasn’t needed.” I went to work. I immediately convo’d the CEO and started asking pvp question since to ignore it would be a red flag with my killboard. I then asked him if corp had a way to move all my crap from Jita and Dodixie. He replied that the corp had a Fenrir and that I could borrow it to move in. I asked where HQ was and upon receiving that information set out in a rifter as fast as possible.

I arrived at HQ and immediately put in an application. It was accepted and I was immediately given access to the corp hangar “ships” division. I tried all other divisions but was denied. I carefully made a joke about it and was told that the CEO liked to “get to know someone first before giving them access to all assets.” This sounds intelligent until you factor in the fact that he just handed me a Fenrir and access to a hangar with a rigged unfitted myrmidon, a primae, shuttle and zephyr.

After a little time of wondering if I should take that small pile of loot and go, I causally told the CEO that I had an unfit rifter and would like to fit it to check out the surrounds until I could move my stuff. I promised to pay for whatever I took. I was told to wait one, and then I was given full access to 4 of the 7 hangars and told that anything I took would be okay just dont take it all. I responded that it all wouldn’t fit on a rifter.

At this time the CEO logged saying he would be on later. I decided that now was the time to act. I quickly added some speed mods to my rifter, emptied all 4 hangars, wrote down the other 11 stations and set out to the closest one.

During this time i noticed several new recruits in corp chat. I started asking if anyone needed stuff hauled or jumped and listed the major systems that had corp offices. I even mentioned I had a carrier and could jump rigged ships. This was attractive to a few pilots because they lived in lowsec and couldn’t/wouldn’t risk the 7 lowsec jumps to home. After talking to a few guys privately I was contracted a hurricane rigged but T1 fit, 2x rigged and T2 fit ravens, a rigged T2 fit rokh, a retriever, vexor, and a few other smaller ships along with a retardedly huge amount of mods, mostly T1.

I was also contracted a navy apoc fully faction/T2 fit with meta 4 guns, and an extra set of meta 4 guns laying around. Nice grab you might say. It gets better. This is the same pilot who contracted me the cane… and a navy slicer, and then told me he didn’t know me and wouldn’t contract his apoc. I let the wheels spin for a second then told him “Mate, I’m legit. The corp just loaned me a Fenrir to move all this crap. Would they do that if I wasn’t legit?” He responded with an apology that he was just paranoid with his baby. 30 seconds later navy apoc contract was accepted. (it had integrated hammerheads, 2x TS lrg reps, TS PDU, and a imperial navy heat sink).

Another player contracted me EVERY asset he had on 4 characters. EVERY asset. I have 1.5 million units of unrefined ore. WTF, it is like 80 mil in ORE. I took it.

The rokh and 2 ravens came from another new recruit who logged in about 18 hrs later. I told him the same line and he contracted me the ships. I was hoping he would contract a navy scorp to me but he wanted to leave it in Jita.

By this time I had emptied all 12 corp offices. Some had nothing. Others had small amounts of mining gear or T1 ammo. 2 had hulks. All were emptied.

The CEO still hadn’t logged in and I was about to drop roles when I realized I had POS access. I immediatley started asking where the POS was located and dug through my chat logs to see if I had missed it.I had missed its location. No POS. I dropped roles and started to wait out my 24 hrs.

Having a little bt more time I convo’d a few members online and asked if I could get a little bit of jump fuel money until the CEO logged in. Only 1 fell for it but 40 mil is 40 mil. That’s right, 40 mil for jump fuel in High sec.

Upon logging in this morning I see this:
“I have some more stuff for you to move. Is there anyway for you to let me use the fenrir so that I can load it up for you? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Only about 400 mil worth of stuff is all. Also, I have a guy that wants you to move another ship for him.” Oh, I wish I had been on.

I also see I have an alliance mail. It reads as follows:
“Be advised! ******** is a theif. He is an enemy of now. He stole a ship that I lent him along with about 100 mil. in stuff that was in corp hangers. He also conned a few guys in our corp to do a stupid thing in contrcting ships to him. He should be shot on sight. And I place a bounty of 100 million on his head if you bring me his corpse.”

Funny thing is these are 10 minutes apart with the contract one posted after the alliance one. Can’t blame the guy for wanting his stuff.

Final tally:
40 mil ISK cash
Navy Slicer
Navy Apoc with faction fittings (worth 760 mil on current market)
3x gal shuttles
2x iteron 5 (both rigged)
5x zephyr
ccc rigged myrm
3x primae
2x hulk
2x Raven (rigged and fit)
Rokh (rigged and fit)
Cane (rigged and fail fit)
3 large pos guns
and enough loot it will take a month to sell

P.S. I decided to try and extend my gain while my timer cooled down before I left corp. I contacted the apoc victim who was being very mature. I offered to sell him his navy apoc back at half price. After a little dickering we decided on 320-350 mil in ships and mods. Since I had already sold the Apoc I hurried 9 jumps to get in region and bought 4 general frieght and 5 giant storage containers. Packaged them in a courier contract and had him do an item exchange for a pith b-type shield amp and 2x domination reps. He accepted and I closed the convo. The only reason this worked is because te crystals on the apoc had been damaged and he had to courier it to me in the first place.

Answer: ISK, lulz and pew pew

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Question: War, what is it good for?

After months of debating, arguing, ignoring and other solid alliance past-times the IMPORTANT INTERNET SPACESHIPS LEAGUE is going to war.

Whose war? What war? Well, glad you asked, because it’s not just war but MERC war. That’s right, we are trying our hand at the high/low sec mercenary war dec business. We fly ships, we shoot ships and we would like to be paid to shoot ships. Seems like a good fit.

So for wholesale ship violating, and possibly an almost free merc group, look no further then


our C&P thread: linky