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Good times were had by all…

Posted in General, PVP with tags , , on December 7, 2009 by Jupacha - Important Internet Spaceship League

Last night was a fairly exciting night in Syndicate, specifically PF-346.

We started out in RF-GGF, spinning in station wasting time when vent lit up with intel saying Red Federation and Blue Republic were camping the same gate. This, of course, led to much speculation.

A few minutes later, we heard they were on the RF- gate in BMNV. “WTF… go go go”. We undock and beat feet to the gate, jump through, and manage to relieve some pods from the cramped innards of their ships.

Hot on their heels, E-P-O-C-H warps in and we can only assume they were after Red and Blue. Too bad.

As this fight was wrapping up, we had the 0utbreak guys warp in in RR BSes, and we promptly pulled a GTFO after some lite tank testing.

Link to BattleReport

After much debating and more station spinning we decided to roam to PF-346, a single system pipe frequented by Cry Havoc.

Initially, we camped both sides of the PF- <-> FD- gates and caught a couple of solo SoulForged Combat Group guys. Sorry guys, get a better blacksmith. Kill1 Kill2

An Ev0ke Purifier was unlucky enough to land in our HIC bubble, provided by Paucoon76

Finally, we have bubbles up on the Orvolle gate in PF- and we begin our slow decent into rapid wolves. Actually, it didn’t take too long.

Aggressive Dissonance (much love) and Violent Society, who, inconsequentially, gave <BDEAL> a blue invite just 24 hours previously, decided to try and take the gate from us.

Now the battle was a little hazy as ships popped so fast. I do know that Omarvelous, our fearless leader, went down first, and we lost a Ferox belonging to Natilus2.

We we killed was a Curse +pod, Pilgrim, Brutix, Drake, Drake, Hurricane, Myrmidon and Taranis +pod.  Link

Not bad indeed…

As we celebrated our victory with much looting and scraping of drones, our enemies were hard at work refitting and planning.

Our scout reported a lot of  ship activity in Orvolle, and it was decided, with swollen egos and much alcohol, to stay and fight and win the day.

What followed was only fair play. (this BR has the last one mixed in, sorry)

The enemy jumped in 2 Scimitars, 2 Brutix, Myrmidon, at least 2 Zealots, Hurricane, Drake and some more.

We managed to take out 2 Brutix and a Myrmidon before we succumbed to what was a good fleet with excellent logistics.

Having been buoyed by our previous victories, we headed for home or the closest hub and I logged for the evening.

Thanks all for a terrific evening of PvP. Wish it was that fun all the time.

Thanks for reading……….


Answer: ISK, lulz and pew pew

Posted in General, PVP, Uncategorized with tags , , , , on December 6, 2009 by Jupacha - Important Internet Spaceship League

Question: War, what is it good for?

After months of debating, arguing, ignoring and other solid alliance past-times the IMPORTANT INTERNET SPACESHIPS LEAGUE is going to war.

Whose war? What war? Well, glad you asked, because it’s not just war but MERC war. That’s right, we are trying our hand at the high/low sec mercenary war dec business. We fly ships, we shoot ships and we would like to be paid to shoot ships. Seems like a good fit.

So for wholesale ship violating, and possibly an almost free merc group, look no further then


our C&P thread: linky

1V1 PvP FTW…

Posted in 1V1, BC Class, PVP with tags , , on November 29, 2009 by Jupacha - Important Internet Spaceship League

After reading a compeling post, then entire blog, and then the entire allaince forum of the Blood Cartel, I had to comment on 1v1 PvP.

First off, I love 1v1’s. Absolutely love it. My skills, my ship, my mistakes, my loot. I can’t blame anyone for the ship loss. I don’t have to share the loot. I get to brag unrestrained. What’s not to love?

I will be making a mini KB page on this blog for 1v1 kills (hopefully no losses).

I mostly fly BCs in 1v1. Mostly the drake as it were, because as we know, the ferox sux. I would fly more frigates or cruisers, but without turret skills, most would probably be ISK donations.

The rules I usually use for 1v1 are as follows:

1. Honor the 1v1.
2. No fleet boosters. Usually I try to get in a fleet where no one is set booster.
3. No ECM modules or droned. Not really PvP if one of you can’t shoot.
4. Must have a point. This goes with 5
5. PvP fit. No tanking specifically for opponent.
6. If you leave, you must admit defeat. Not really a problem due to 4.
7. Loser pays. Winner gets loot.
8. If the fight is to structure (rare) it defaults to ship death if both ships enter structure near same time.
9. Not really a rule, don’t fit faction/complex/officer cause I will loot it.

Not all of these rules are set in stone but it is a good place to start.

If you would like to try your skills against mine I fly in Syndicate, Placid and The Forge, but will travel for a good fight. Convo/evemail TweakBoy and let’s pew pew.

Thanks for reading….